§1 - Mods, Texturepacks, Minimaps, Hacked Clients

Joining with a Hacked Client or any disallowed mods is banable!
Minimaps are allowed as long as they don't show other players or caves.
A list of allowed mods is provided here.

§2 - Bugusing

You well be banned for abusing any bugs. When you find a bug you must report it by typing /bugreport on our network.
Skipping Parts of Levels in our RankUp Mode is also counted as bugusing and will additionally lead to a RankUp Reset! Please report any skips on our Teamspeak server!

§3 - Teamspeak

Our Teamspeak has extra rules! You can read them in the TeamSpeak Channel ✔ RULES ✔

§4 - Username/Skin/Cosmetics

Offensive, racist and national socialist Skins, Cosmetics and Nicknames are forbidden!

§5 - Advertisement

Advertising other Servers/Teamspeaks is strictly forbidden!
Advertising an active livestream, that take place on our network, is allowed every 15 minutes!